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The Immune System is the primary defense against disease


IMMUNE-ALL A Immune System Booster

The Immune System fights off invasion of infective organisms, bacteria, poisons, impurities and keeps the body on an even keel. Stress or damage to the Immune System will allow sickness and disease.
For much of the last hundred years science has been searching for a cure for cancer, arthritis, and even the common cold. Most of the research has been focused on finding a "magic bullet" in the form of an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory or vaccine.  

All the while, inside our own body lies the most powerful cure for what ails us, our immune system. The immune system is a person's primary defense against disease. Immune-All A Immune System Booster helps to strengthen the immune system and ensures health recovery. It also has the capacity to increase body resistance to illness.

Most of us today have a lot of stress, overworked, get less sleep and are overall, just tired. All of these assist in breaking down the immune system, making it weak and prevent it from fighting off sickness and disease. The immune system holds the key to your body's health. It protects our bodies against viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, etc. and is a complex network of organs that contain cells that recognize & destroy foreign invaders. Most people, because of age, chronic infection, poor nutrition, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, or environmental toxins have a weak immune system. Immune-All will build up the immune system, keeping it strong and preventing sickness and disease.

Immune-All is fantastic for fighting off Colds, Flu and Allergies. Keeping the immune system strong is a must for healthy living. The immune system is a network of white blood cells and tiny clumps of tissue placed throughout our bodies. White blood cells circulate in our bloodstream and devour most of the bacteria, poisons and toxins that could cause harm to our bodies. Little clumps of immune tissue called lymph nodes filter out bacteria and viruses that could cause infection. We cannot be healthy unless our immune systems are healthy. If you want to stay healthy you will need to keep your immune system in top working order. Take charge of your Health, take Immune-All daily, this a good start for preventing Colds, Flu and Allergies.

The combination of a clean colon and a strong immune system is the best way to prevent Colds, Flu and most Sickness. This will also keep you healthy and from becoming sick.

  Ingredients: Echinacea, vitamins A, C, B-6, zinc, selenium, & magnesium mixed with a herbal blend.

Immune-All keeps the Immune system strong and fights off viruses and bacteria. Most of us today have a lot of stress, are over worked, get inadequate sleep, and are generally just tired. All of these things assist in weakening the Immune System and creating herpes outbreaks.

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